Sustainable Travel

At Amazing Morocco DMC, we are very conscious of the impact of tourism on our land. We all strive very hard to minimize negative impact on our habitat and protect our nature and resources.

Supporting cultural heritage preservation is also very high on the list of Amazing Morocco's priorities. Our goal today is to ensure that tourism goes beyond the all-inclusive resorts and over touristy places, we work directly with the locals, and visit off the beaten path destinations.

 we believe that equality is the core of any successful business, female managers make up 70% of our office.

Our focus is on

  • Supporting our communities and nonprofit organization
  • Encouraging our suppliers to promote sustainability
  • Making sure our picnic meals are served on reusable plastic or carton utensils.
  • The hotels, camps and lodges we do offer to our guests are those applying high standards of environmental policy.
  • Giving away, to those who are in need, items that we no longer use such as computers, printers etc.
  • Avoiding paper work as much as possible, by fully utilizing the ICT infrastructure provide by the company such as sending invoices and quotes via email` as PDF files.
  • Reusing waste paper (from the printer) whenever possible by making use of the back side for notes or rough papers. etc.
  • Purchasing environmentally friendly rated products such as safe soaps and detergents.
  • Avoiding unnecessary travel by making use of instant messaging, video and audio conferencing/virtual meetings and telephone and email.
  • Supporting local conservation projects wherever possible
  • Using surface transportation instead of planes, if possible, we walk instead of ride for distances
  • Avoiding the use of wild animals for the purpose of human entertainment
  • Making sure cultural visits benefit local communities first, and visitors second.
  • Choosing Accommodation that is mostly provided by locals rather than big chain hotels.
  • Making our Dining experiences focused around local produce and local cultural traditions.
  • Hiring Guides (and other staff) from the local community, and making sure they are appropriately trained, outfitted and paid for the services they provide.
  • Changing the routes of trekking holidays to avoid areas that are under excessive tourist pressure
  • Encouraging female owned businesses and making sure they are paid and treated equally
  • Including conservation work as part of holidays, to allow clients to help protect and restore native ecosystems and species in degraded areas
  • Limiting our groups sizes to small numbers in environmentally fragile areas
  • The use of socially preferable products such as crafts from minority co-operatives and local farmers’ food.
  • Encouraging respect of Dress codes, especially in urban areas and places of religious significance.

Bab El Oued Maroc Ecolodge – Agdz (Ouarzazate)

Staying at a Green Key establishment in Morocco is a wonderful experience. Enjoy environmentally-friendly accommodation where authenticity meets modernity. Here is our list of hotels, riads, ecolodges, and more to keep you on top of things regarding responsible tourism options