The multicultural El Jadida-Mazagan

El Jadida - Mazagan

Once known as Mazagan, this city built by the Portuguese has proudly looked out over the ocean since the 16th century. Its exceptionally well preserved architectural treasures and the fabulous blend of European and Moroccan cultural influences have earned it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Visit the mysterious cistern with its grandiose arches, which film buffs may recognize as a setting for some of the scenes in the Orson Welles version of "Othello". Today many movie and television productions still come to El Jadidafor its abundant charms.

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Kerzner International Group, which built the Atlantis complex in Dubai, chose an idyllic site between a verdant eucalyptus forest and the splendid El Haouzia beach to create the Mazagan luxury resort.

El Jadida-Mazagan is a city that straddles the past and the present, offering visitors an array of activities. Make the most of its beaches, ultra-contemporary golf courses and the festive ambiance of the resort or learn about ancient traditions at the Moulay-Abdellah Amghar moussem. At this time-honored festival, you can watch a falconry demonstration and attend epic events like the Fantazia.

El Jadida-Mazagan may be a resort town, but it has authentic charm. 

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